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Whether you’re building your first home, it’s an upgrade or an investment, the home building process can seem like quite a daunting task for any new home buyer. At Meridian Homes, our experienced team like to make the process as easy as possible for you, giving you all the information you need to know without the fancy lingo or technical terms to confuse you.


We’re created a time line below of what the building process is with Meridian Homes. We’re an open book with our process and are happy to sit down with you to discuss the process in detail further. Simply call 1300 855 138 or use our contact form to get in touch for a coffee and a chat.

New home Time line

Stage 1

Tender Process (1 - 2 weeks)

<p>Our sales consultant will help guide you through the tender process. We can help perfect and finalise your dream house design and add the little touches that make your house a home. Now it’s time for the construction plan!</p> .

Stage 2

Pre-Construction (12 weeks)

<p>Now it’s time for us to take care of your construction plan, we’ll check out your land and ensure that we’ve covered all the build requirements, that way we can create the most accurate plan possible. During this time you’ll also come in and visit our colour studio to personalise your home to your tastes.</p> .

Stage 3

Construction (30 Weeks)

<p>Firstly your land is temporarily fenced and then the building process begins. From here you can see your home being built from the ground up. A dedicate site manager will be your contact throughout the entire build. As weeks go by you’ll see your home go from a slab to frames and finally into the home you and your sales consultant planned months before hand.</p> .

Stage 4

Handover (House Complete!)

<p>The home is now completely and after a professional clean and final inspection, it is ready to hand over. Your site manager will organise a time and meet you at your new home to explain all the ins and outs and go through the house with you. You’ll finally be given keys to your new home and you can begin the most exciting part... moving in!</p> .

Stage 5

After the move in ()

<p>After you've settled in and have started enjoying your Meridian Home, send us a testimonial! We'd love to share your experience with customers who are looking at building with us. Congratulations on your new family home!</p> .

  • Stage 1

    Tender Process

    1 - 2 weeks

  • Stage 2


    12 weeks

  • Stage 3


    30 Weeks

  • Stage 4


    House Complete!

  • Stage 5

    After the move in